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Address-table LocoDispatcher


A Tool fetches CSV-lists from different web-sites, which hold information regarding a specific Segment of loco addresse. The source data is made up of a so called segment overview and a certain amount of segment tables. The Tool combines this data to an address table, which is used to present the user information about Locos, their addresses, protocols and owners

Definiton of terms

term meaning remarks
address table summary of all segment tables. Used as data source by LocoDispatcher monitored by LocoDispatcher (file mod. time)
segment group of addresses, governed by a maintainer
maintainer administrator of the data in segment tables The term owner is reserved for the owners of locos
segment overview keeps information about the storage locations of the segment tables
segment table listing of addresses in a specific segment
address loco address
loco number description of a loco, written-on number
owner owner of a vehicle not to be confused with the maintainer
speed steps speed steps of a loco This spec follows the
section 4.2 (Gerätegruppe GL: Generic Loco - INIT)
system specific system of a loco
protocol version detail info for specifics of a certain protocol

Format specification segment overview

By fetching all the data in the locations specified in the segment overview one gets a bunch of CSV's. The content of this CSV's is put together into the address table.

Filename: segments.csv
Fiels Explanation values
SegmentName Name of the segment, also local filename of the regarding segment table. The remote segment table (denoted in URL_CSV) is being copied to the local segment table, which name ist SegmentName.
Maintainer name of the administrator of the given segment table
URL_CVS link to the segment table
URL_HTML link to the HTML-representation of the given segment table

Example segment overview

05xx;Albert Mustermann;http://woswasi.org/Segment-05.csv;http://woswasi.org/Segment-05.html

format specification address table/segment table

The first four values describe the technical aspect of the used system. It identifies the used protocol, speedsteps and so on for a given loco. The next two fields describe the loco and its owner. The address table contains information originating from the segment overview.

Filename: [SegmentName].csv
Field Description Values
Adress loco/vehicle address
Protocol used digital system excerpt:
M Märklin-Motorola
S Selectrix
ProtocolVersion protocol-specific details for N: 1 - short addresses, 2 - long addresses
for M: 1 - old (Delta) format, 2 - new protocol
SpeedSteps speed steps of the given loco
LocoNumber written-on number of the loco/vehicle
Owner owner of a vehicle
the following fields only exist in the address table
Segment name/description of the segment table the above data originates
Maintainer administrator of the segment table

Example address table

7;N;1;14;216 007;Meiner einer;11;DCC-Maintainer
1001;N;2;128;V 100 001;Albert Bc;47;Maerklin-Maintainer

A current example of a real table can be obtained dynamically by:

wget -O segtab.csv http://home.pages.at/nepix/dec/dl.php

If there is no tool to manipulate the data in the CSV-tables, Excel or notepad comes in handy...

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